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Fine art galleries frequently hold exhibitions of classical and contemporary art, but the quality of the work can vary drastically from one gallery to another. Whether you are an art collector or an art lover who simply likes to observe original masterpieces up close, you expect to see the highest quality work at a gallery exhibition. When you attend a current exhibition at Galerie Michael — one of the leading art galleries in Los Angeles — this is precisely the type of work you see on display.

Individual Artists

The work of some artists is so extensive and influential that it deserves its own exhibitions. Examples of artists who belong in this category, and whose works Galerie Michael has exhibited in the past, include Rembrandt Van Rijn, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Our bright, spacious gallery on Rodeo Drive helps the work of artists come to life by drawing attention to their unique color preferences, brush stroke techniques, and other compositional details that can be overlooked when art is placed in the wrong setting. For over 30 years, our gallery has been a perfect destination for some of the most revered artwork.

Schools of Art

In addition to showcasing the work individuals, we also hold exhibitions that focus on specific schools of art, such as the Venetian school, the Hudson River school, the Barbizon school, and many others.

Showing works from a particular school can help one understand the stylistic influences behind the works of an artist from the school. Consequently, our exhibitions that focus on schools of art are great resources for art lovers who wish to understand the larger context of an artist’s work, art historians and critics who are researching the school, and collectors who are in the process of deciding which artists to collect from a particular school.

Auction Opportunities

Some of our exhibitions consist of artwork that is auctioned to the highest bidder. Because the work in question is typically quite valuable and aesthetically unique, the bidding process can be highly competitive. However, for art collectors who have the resources to pursue bidding at the highest level, our auction exhibitions provide a great opportunity to acquire highly sought-after works.

Exhibition Length

Our fine art exhibitions are not here today and gone tomorrow. In fact, most of them last for at least a month, giving casual observers, art historians, critics, and collectors the time they need to observe the exhibited works. Unlike fine art galleries whose exhibitions are invite-only or by appointment only, our exhibitions are open to everyone — a fact that continues to make us one of the best loved art galleries in Los Angeles and the California region at large.

See Our Exhibitions

If you are looking for art galleries in Los Angeles that exhibit high-quality works from individual artists and schools of art, make Galerie Michael your first stop. Unlike some fine art galleries in Los Angeles, everyone is welcome through our doors, from casual observers to seasoned collectors. Visit the “Exhibitions” section of our website to learn about our latest exhibitions.