Places for Contemporary Art

Galerie Michael   •  Jan 08, 2017


The world loves contemporary art. From the outlandish to the magnificent, you’ve got plenty of pieces and artists from which to choose when you choose to decorate your space with contemporary art. There are, though, a couple of strategic places that function better for contemporary art than others. If you can think of any place that you’d like to have your art, put it there, if you’re adventurous, but don’t underestimate the power of being able to put your art in a place where it can be best appreciated.


Your kitchen is most likely to have the most technology in your home. Your living room may have your wi-fi-enabled television, but your kitchen has your temperature-regulating refrigerator, your flat-top range, your sensor-trained microwave, and so on. In a place with the most machines and technology in your home, contemporary art can certainly find its place. Whether you hang a Picasso original catty-cornered to the window over the sink, or a Dali next to the pantry, a contemporary piece will carry your high-tech kitchen into a fantastic paradise. Even for kitchens that have maintained a retro theme, contemporary art works just as well – you’ve got strong, modern themes next to your modern equipment.


Putting contemporary art is an outstanding opportunity to make a room that revolves around a piece of history. Maybe you’ve chosen a painting for your room, and are treating it like a mood piece. You can find stylized pillows and a complementary duvet to make your room pop around the piece. Establishing your room as a compliment to the art doesn’t mean that you have to exclude the bathroom. Decorative towels and a bathmat will make a difference in your bathroom’s energy when you match it to your painting-inspired room.


Nowhere else in the world is contemporary art better placed than in common spaces in Corporate America. Adding art has the ability to provoke thought and evoke emotion, things that people may need to distract themselves from the stressors of working in an executive role. Contemporary art makes great conversation pieces for new receptionists, and can be an office source of pride. In creative industries, adding contemporary is a conceivable business expense, as artists and writers need art to make art.


You can always count on contemporary art to make an appearance in all levels of retail stores. You may find less in cheaper chain clothing stores, but you will still find it, if not on the walls for curious shoppers, then for sale. This is the beauty of making art both easily accessible and readily available to laypeople – anyone has the chance to be inspired. Once you’ve got a piece of art that you love, you change the way that you feel about the space it’s in. Smaller boutiques are more likely to have beautiful examples of contemporary art on walls and in dressing rooms. High-end retailers may take their contemporary art game to the next level by incorporating it into the design of the store itself. Many of the stores on Beverly Hills’ world-famous Rodeo Drive are designed with a contemporary themes by architectural designers that dabble in art.