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One of the most significant periods in Art History was the 19th century.  The dramatic shift from academic art to the Impressionist movement was profound and it was that shift that gave rise to modern art.  Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Matisse and Chagall could not have achieved their supremacy had the artists of the mid-19th century not taken their bold steps.  The bridge to modernity was built in the small French village, Barbizon, but the road atop that bridge went to the entire world.
Each year, Galerie Michael has been proud to showcase the art that led to Impressionism, and this year, despite being 2020, is no different!  We have assembled a truly amazing collection from which our clients can choose.  Please take a few moments to surround yourself with the great art of a momentous age as we continue on our journey for the ages.