Tips to Make Your Art Work Pop

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No matter how beautiful the art, no matter the hands that made it, fine artwork is vulnerable to things that may damage or destroy it. With so many pieces being originals that have no duplicates,

Art Exhibition Etiquette

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Not many of us will have the opportunity to enjoy an art gallery opening. Most understand that there is a code of ethics and etiquette where certain events are concerned, but for some, this isn’t known, or well-understood.

What Makes Contemporary Art Different

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Modern art and contemporary art, despite what some people might think, are two completely different eras in the history of art. Modern art is the era that precedes postmodern art. The modern era was an era that was defined both in art and in philosophy

3 Characteristics of a Great Art Exhibition

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If you want to make sure that your first art exhibition goes smoothly, you’re going to need some help to get the job done. With everything from booking a venue, to providing food and drink, all the way to coordinating and transporting every artistic piece,

4 Tips For Creating Artwork

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The process of becoming an artist is both a difficult and a long one. In order to become a master, you’re going to have to hone the talent that you already possess into creating something that’s both great and innovative

How to Start a Gallery Collection

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Starting a gallery collection inside of your home is something that takes delicate curation and careful study if you want for it to turn out properly. You want to convey to the rest of the world that you’re cultured, and have carefully created a collection

3 Things Great Pieces of Artwork Have in Common

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Because the process of creating artwork is so varied depending on your specific discipline, it can be difficult to really know what actually makes a piece of artwork great. In fact, it can be so subjective that even art history experts argue