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 Galerie Michael is pleased to present the following new acquisitions from artists such as Chagall, Dalí, Picasso, Miró and others...

Picasso- Graphic Masterpieces

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Galerie Michael is honored to present Picasso’s Graphic Masterpieces, a selection of some Picasso’s rarest and greatest works in the mediums of etching, aquatint and lithography. Picasso was known for...

Rembrandt–A Fine Collection of Etchings

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Access the Catalog Galerie Michael has built a worldwide reputation over its four decades in existence.  Not least for our wonderfully-varied Rembrandt offerings.  We work each time to provide our clients with the very best. This year, once again, we have built a collection that spans Rembrandt's range in etchings--from nudes to

Barbizon & the Journey to Impressionism

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One of the most significant periods in Art History was the 19th century. The dramatic shift from academic art to the Impressionist movement was profound and it was that shift that gave rise to modern art. Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Matisse and Chagall could not have achieved their supremacy had the artists of the mid-19th century not taken their bold steps...

Tête de Femme au Chapeau/Paysage avec Baigneurs (1962)

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Tête de Femme au Chapeau/Paysage avec Baigneurs (1962), or “Head of a Woman with a Hat/Landscape with Bathers,” by master artist Pablo Picasso survives as a remarkable and fascinating "ambiguous image,” meaning an image that can be reversed or interpreted in various ways. This original linocut belongs to Picasso’s most coveted body of graphic...

Study for Soldier Take Warning, 1942

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Study for Soldier Take Warning is one of the greatest Salvador Dalí artworks. It is original. It is rare. It is pristine. It is for sale. Beyond that though, it is the very essence of both Surrealistic and Dalínian. Salvador Dalí was a complex... necessary to explore each of those levels and each of those facets, for to do otherwise is to dishonor it.

Farewell to our Founder and Friend

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In memory of the loss of our Founder and Friend, Michael Schwartz (January 28, 1939 to October 1, 2020), Galerie Michael will be closed Saturday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4. We will reopen Monday, October 5 at 10:00am.

Chagall Exhibition

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As we move together in re-opening the world’s economy, we seek common ground–things that we can readily agree on. Things that we can share with each other. Things that draw us–and then bind us–together. Galerie Michael, like every other organization in the world...

Marc Chagall, La Femme du Peintre, 1971

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La Femme du Peintre, or "The Artist's Wife," by Marc Chagall is an expression of the master artist's dedication to family. The piece, created in 1971, depicts Chagall and his second wife, Valentina "Vava" Brodsky. As with his first wife and muse, Bella Rosenfeld who died of a virus during World War II...

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