Picasso in Color Exhibit

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Picasso in Color Exhibit Picasso in Color is the largest Pablo Picasso exhibition of graphic works to open in USA. It is one of the most important scholarly large-scale events in the art world today taking place at the famed Galerie Michael. View and acquire works by the most celebrated sought-after artist of

Danaé, 1962 at Galerie Michael

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"The history of Danaé is one of the best known Greek myths: a princess locked up in a tower with whom Zeus fell passionately in love. She was sequestered in a tower because an oracle had told her father, Acrisios, that his daughter's son would kill him, ...

Toros Vallauris II

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Once in a lifetime opportunity to collect an original Picasso right now at the Picasso in color exhibit in at Galerie Michael on Two Rodeo Drive.


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Galerie Michael is proud to work with several art restoration and conservation specialists worldwide. With decades of experience, they carefully and skillfully remove centuries-old surface residue...