As we move together in re-opening the world’s economy, we seek common ground–things that we can readily agree on. Things that we can share with each other. Things that draw us–and then bind us–together. Galerie Michael, like every other organization in the world, is working feverishly to do our part. We bring joy, appreciation and culture into people’s homes and lives around the world, because our art bridges national borders, political divides, generation gaps and everything else that might separate us from one another. We have a unique ability to serve multitudes of people in distant and diverse places.

In these troubling times, we sought out happiness, and quickly settled on 20th century Modern Master, Marc Chagall, to be our next exhibition. Here was an artist who had the rare ability to start each morning fresh–as if each day was the first. He saw each flower as the most brilliant, each fruit as the sweetest, and each woman as the most beautiful. What better person could there be to give us a positive perspective?

What’s more is that some of these works were part of a collection that had not been seen for sixty years–and never by the public. They were secreted away in the secure cabinets of the descendants of Chagall’s printmaker, Charles Sorlier. These were works that not only captured the amazing colors that are quintessentially Chagall, but were hand-colored by the master himself. These were the very proofs that then gave birth to the graphic masterworks that grace the walls of museums, galleries, and private collections the world over.

Please take a few moments to explore our interactive digital catalog. We are certain that your day will be brighter as a result!