Pablo Picasso’s Guernica

Pablo Picasso’s signature work, among his thousands of paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and ceramics, was the monumentally-sized and monumentally-important, Guernica [pronounced “gair-NEE-ka”].As with everything so outstanding, there is a backstory that leads to a deeper understanding and consequently, deeper appreciation of...

Why Add a Picasso to Your Collection?

With an infinite number of choices available in the art world, why would anyone choose to add a Picasso to their collection? Or begin their collection with a Picasso? After all, Picasso paintings sell for untold millions of dollars, andthe very thought of owning a Picasso is surely just..

So, You’d Love to Own a Picasso (Who Wouldn’t?)

There is an old adage that says there is only one thing that separates me from financial independence—money. The same might be said for ownership of a Picasso, however, that wouldn’t be nearly as true because it is possible to own a genuine Picasso for very reasonable costs.

Rembrandt & Picasso—The Masters of Paintings and Prints

No one will ever mistake a Rembrandt painting for a Picasso painting. Or a Rembrandt print with one by Picasso. Or any Picasso for a Rembrandt. And yet, no one can ever break the linkage between the two. The Old Master’s influence on the Modern Master is undeniable, as is the enormity of both..

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