Creative Ways to Exhibit Your Artwork

Galerie Michael   •  Jan 05, 2018


Making your statement, whether you do it on a canvas, or you carve a whimsical woman from a block of marble, is the best thing that you can do for yourself, as an artist. If you’ve finished your statements, and you want the world to know what you’ve done, you have the option, always, of selling your pieces individually. Doing this will help you determine the pieces that you have an easy time letting go, and the ones that must stay with you.  If you’re not feeling that is the best option for you, you have the option of having an exhibition of your work. This is where the fun comes in. Art exhibitions are opportunities for artists to talk about their work, and rub elbows and share wine with friends and potential clients.


This could be prove to be the way to exhibit your art that proves to be easiest and most effective. An art gallery will need to work with you to determine costs and who will pay for each expense. Get in touch with your local art gallery to get a better sense of what they can offer you, and how they can help you. While there is no guarantee that an art gallery, especially one that specializes in fine art, will accept your work, it is always possible. Make sure to be courteous, professional, honest, and thorough. Art galleries are businesses that rely on the sales of artwork, and they may have a long roster of artists already. If you can be patient with yourself as you finish your work, you can be patient with the business that may help you establish yourself.


This involves quite a bit of preparation, and you may not have the space to sponsor an event. Having the event in your home, or in your studio, however, saves you the trouble of having to seek out a space to sponsor your exhibition. If you have willing parties, you could certainly have your invitees see each piece one at a time as they’re brought in and out from a back room or a kitchen. Other than that, it is vital to make sure that you cover your furniture in your home. You may have fewer concerns if you choose to have your exhibition out of your studio. The floor may not need to be protected, and you’ll have more space for people to move, and to set up a table for refreshments.


In Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami, urban centers have been revitalized. While this causes a problem for long-time residents, the availability of warehouses and rooms and warehouses can be helpful to artists. Warehouses are generally large, open spaces that are perfect for exhibitions because of the sheer amount of work that can be comfortably fit into a single space. The management companies for warehouses are generally flexible, and may even be able to assist you with moving.