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Of his penchant for stylistic diversity, Pablo Picasso insisted that his far-reaching body of work was not indicative of radical shifts throughout his career but, rather, of his dedication to evaluating for each piece the form and technique best suited to the effects he desired. That rings especially true within his rich and varied graphic work, which has long offered viewers a glimpse into the mind of the master artist. With each piece, we accompany Picasso on a creative journey—although singular triumphs, collectively, they are a cipher for his ever-evolving process. In celebration of the artist’s broadly influential—and frequently controversial—contributions to modern art, Galerie Michael is delighted to present “Picasso: 50 Years of Printmaking.”

Featuring a selection of the greatest masterpieces that comprise Picasso’s graphic oeuvre, “Picasso: 50 Years of Printmaking” showcases the finest compositions available to private collectors—of which there are few. In doing so, we hope to capture the breadth and diversity—indeed, the inimitable
genius—underlying Picasso’s printmaking prowess. Printmaking—as a fine art—is the process of making artworks by printing, commonly on paper. Printmaking normal ly includes only the process of creating prints with an element of originality, rather than simply a photographic reproduction of
a painting. Accordingly, each piece produced is not a copy, but is considered an original (known technically as an “impression”), since it is not a reproduction of another work of art. This technique
remains a favorable medium, primari ly due to the unique qual ities that each of the printmaking
processes lends itself to. In “Picasso: 50 Years of Printmaking,” we invite viewers to follow Picasso’s
creative printmaking journey. Although part and parcel of the artist’s process, each piece survives
as a unique and final work in and of itself.