PICASSO, Pablo, 1881-1973 Minotaure Aveugle Guidé par Marie-Thérèse au Pigeon dans une Nuit Étoilée, 1934 Aquatint and drypoint engraving with burin on Montval laid paper. boat, miniature and pigeon
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Galerie Michael is honored to present Picasso’s Graphic Masterpieces, a selection of some Picasso’s rarest and greatest works in the mediums of etching, aquatint and lithography. Picasso was known for working tirelessly with his graphic mediums, often developing meaningful relationships with a particular printer, and re-imagining traditional methods for printmaking to create groundbreaking and remarkable results.

Given the most recent record-breaking sale of Le Repas Frugal, 1904, at Christie’s (London, February 28, 2022), we have curated a collection of some of his most sought after works on paper that reflect the talent and current trends of Picasso in the art market. Universally considered the single most important artist of the 20th century, it is no surprise that Picasso’s artworks continue to break world-records. 

La Femme qui Pleure, I, 1937, previously the most expensive print ever sold at $5,247,839 (Sotheby’s London, February 5, 2014), has now been replaced by the sale of Le Repas Frugal, 1904, for a staggering £6,014,500 ($8,009,721). With the current trends of the art market, top collectors are gravitating towards the finest graphic masterpieces. In an era where top paintings achieve world-record prices attainable only by billionaires, the only way to obtain the finest Picasso artwork is through his graphic expression.

We are proud to present this exceptional selection of artworks that are typically found in the world’s finest museums or a select few private or corporate collections. Iconic masterpieces like Le Repas Frugal, 1913, and the top two impressions from his famed 1934 Vollard Suite; Minotaure Aveugle Guidé par Marie-Thérèse au Pigeon dans une Nuit Étoilée and Femmes entre elles avec voyeur sculpté. Clin d’oeil au Bain turc will remain relevant and coveted by scholars and art enthusiasts for generations to come. The significance of Picasso will never fade and the value of his finest works will increase as current trends demonstrate.