hey young catalog cover. her name and artwork

Dey Young, born 1955, began her sculpting career in 1977 whilst attending Scripps College in Claremont, California, exploring her craft under the education of renowned sculptor Aldo Casanova. Young continued to evolve gaining valuable experience from a number of teachers and artists throughout the U.S. Her love of sculpting encouraged her to expand her talents and travel the world, she ventured to Italy where she began working in Carrara marble with Italian artisans. Young’s work is not limited to marble, she also works in stone, terra cotta, bronze, cement, and resin. The focal point of many of her sculptures is anatomy, she states her understanding of the body is self-taught and considers it one of her great gifts. This gift helps her reflect a sense of effortless movement while simultaneously embodying spirit and emotion. As a whole, her work recognizes the Masters of Sculpture who laid the foundations before her while also embracing the evolution of the future to come. In 2006, four of Young’s pieces were selected for Los Angeles County Museum’s Special Projects and exhibited on the Art and Architecture Tour. This honor was again bestowed in 2012. Young is an artist of immense passion and talent and is proud of her creative achievements represented in both the beauty of her sculpted pieces, as well as her successes on stage and screen, most notably her appearance in Pretty Woman and her more recent role in the hit television series This is Us.

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