Marc chagall exhibition announcement. opening september 15, 2018


Our Galerie Michael team wants to let you know of our plans–and our request for you to share in them. We are so excited to be combining two major events! We are celebrating 40 years of providing our clients with top-tier art, exquisite service and a philosophy of working toward posterity above prosperity–meaning that our goal is to help our clients collect museum-quality collections one work at a time.

As we began 2018, we were most fortunate in being able to acquire dozens of major pieces by Marc Chagall–works that hadn’t been seen by anyone
for 60 years. Each was hand-colored by the master of color himself. They are astonishing not only for their vibrant colors, but also by the notations
by his hand. This makes them unique in the truest sense of the word.

So we decided to celebrate these milestones together by focusing our Chagall Festival against the backdrop of our 40th anniversary celebrations. The festivities will kick off September 15 here at Galerie Michael. Our walls will be ablaze with Marc Chagall colors. A multi-media lecture will
be presented by one of the greatest Chagall experts, Vivian R. Jacobson, Her talk will be a fascinating weaving together of the art of Chagall and
the music of Elvis.

Attendance will be by invitation only, so please drop us a note or give us a call at 310-273-3377 to confirm your desire to be a part of this truly wonderful occasion. We very much look forward to seeing you to share in our celebrations!