Marc Chagall, (Les fiancés aux deux bouquets), 1963

Paravent (Les fiancés aux deux bouquets), 1963 or "Screen (The engaged couple with two bouquets)" by master artist Marc Chagall survives as an exceptional work--a masterpiece inspired by months of research and labor. Shortly before the time of its conception, Chagall delved into a study of the Far East, familiarizing himself with the decorative arts of...


Galerie Michael was founded four decades ago on a foundation of rock-solid pillars. It continues to thrive and grow because those timeless principles underpin everything we do every day for everyone. Our commitment to customer care and service is unparalleled. So too is our commitment to search the globe for the finest art available.


Galerie Michael is proud to present PICASSO, an exhibition rich with rare proofs and exceptional prints, some of Picasso’s most defining graphic oeuvre. The works exhibited are so unique and of the most important quality, that they cannot fail to have a permanent place in art history.

From the Desk of Michael Schwartz

In the art world, like everywhere else, change is a con-stant. And like everywhere else, the pace of change is ever-increasing. Economies rise, and they fall. Nations grow and then retract. The effects of geo-politics can be felt in all corners of the globe, including in the art world, which by definition impacts all economies, all nations and all cultures. Cultures have developed over the millennia and typically change very slowly. Yet even in previously slow-chang-ing cultures, momentous

Origins of Impressionism Exhibition

Join us in Galerie Michael to travel on the road from Paris into Barbizon-and therefore beyond. We have captured not only the Barbizon moments, but the captivating metamorphosis from academia to the first revolutionary paintings in open-air on...

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