cover page of the presentation about Picassos's Portrait de Jacqueline de Face. I, 1961

“Portrait de Jacqueline de face”, 1961, was created during Picasso’s time with Jacqueline Rogue. The two met in 1954 after an introduction by Madam Ramie, who owned the pottery shop where Picasso had been creating much of his ceramic work. Though Picasso had only recently left Françoise Gilot, in 1953, they remained on friendly terms. He saw Françoise and their children frequently and, on occasion, still turned to her for advice regarding his work. Jacqueline, insecure in her role as Picasso’s latest mistress and desperate to consolidate her hold over him, was outraged at their continued association. She took every means available to limit Picasso’s access, not only to Françoise but to the rest of the outside world. In 1956, at her urging, they moved to a large villa outside Cannes, La Californie. Unsurprising to those who were familiar with Picasso’s romantic relationships, he was following his tradition of “shedding his old surroundings with his old relationship.” Jacqueline and Picasso married in 1961, in Vallauris, and remained together until Picasso’s death in 1973.

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