Popular Contemporary Art

Galerie Michael   •  Jan 25, 2018


By definition, contemporary art is art that is created today, yesterday, and tomorrow. There are some widely-agreed-upon spans of time, but for the most part, most art created at the beginning of the 20th century through today constitutes contemporary art. It began with the outlandish, miraculous worlds of artist like Picasso and Dali, and has since evolved into a variety of modes and styles, from hyperrealistic to purely fantastic. Computers opened a new door for art, and the world has never been the same. Some things about art, however, will never change: art is an act of self-expression, and takes the form it chooses, with a person as its medium.


Digital Art is an artform that developed in the 1970s, and grew in popularity from there. What comprises, ‘digital art’ has quite a few different forms. Many people count extreme manipulations with photoshop for the purposes of advertising to be digital art, people who work in visual effects are often referred to as, ‘artists,’ and digital art as an art form has innumerable subjects. Digital art is unique to  contemporary art because it simply was not possible before computers advanced to the point of being able to handle the demands of making fantastic-looking kittens and women who actually looked like goddesses. One example of the wonders of digital art and the variety of the subject matter is award-winning artist Beau Tudzarov.


The race to the abstract is tailed by the race for perfection. Making art more interesting and beautiful doesn’t have mean subjects that are out of this world, but can just as likely be about the perfect capture. Though realistic portraits have existed for a number of years, there has been a movement since the early 2000s toward photographic-quality paintings and drawings. These beautiful renditions carry on the tradition of making perfectly beautiful images of people, and takes it to the next level. There are still distinctive styles and mediums within this seemingly narrow genre of visual art, and you can clearly distinguish the works of Diego Fazio and Richard Estes.


Reality, fantasy, art photography, and landscaping photography all come to a head in abstract photography. Abstract photography is a beautiful example of what can happen when art meets technology. While it is difficult to pin down a time period that this art form actually entered the scene, it is not difficult to find examples of this type of photography all over. Abstract photography can be found in fine art exhibitions, teen’s rooms, and office buildings, the last due to its tendency toward a neutral subject matter.


One of the most engaging abstract art installations in Los Angeles belongs to Robert Reynolds. In his studio, you can find a model plane made of a mix of materials, and located next to a couch made of wire. Art installations grew in popularity in the 1960s, but they have since grown to include hundreds of different subjects. Perhaps the most fascinating part of art installations is the use of available materials, and the amazing use of color and texture for self-expression.