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Leroux (b. 1930-2006) showed as much interest for the Barbizon School and Impressionism as for the Italian Masters of the Renaissance. Influenced by Eugène Boudin, he painted in a synthetic way, with great talent and facility, a colorful and peaceful vision of the world. Seascapes, still lifes and landscapes reflect his natural talent; harmonious compositions, a very detailed but still spontaneous and broad brushwork, and a way of expressing his love for beauty.

Claude LEROUX (b. 1930-2006)

A pupil of Gambey and Chapelain-Midy, Claude Leroux graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux.
He was awarded a gold medal at the Salon des Indépendants and showed his works in several other exhibitions throughout the country. Gifted with amazing talent, he very quickly acquired notoriety. In love with the beaches near Bordeaux as well as with the happy days of the old buses and carriages from turn of the century Paris, his style was very soon close to one of Galien-Laloue or Cortès.

After exhibiting in number of art galleries in France, Leroux finally settled in Nice, but unwilling to cut himself off from the world, he travelled with his brushes through Morocco, Tuscany and stayed for a short time in San Gimignano.

Museum collections featuring works by this artist include:

  • Beaufort
  • Besançon
  • Nantes
  • Louvre and Musee d’art Moderne; Paris
  • Galerie du Fleuve, Bordeaux
  •  Galerie Visconti, Paris
  •  Galerie d’Art, Sarlat
  •  Galerie Sainte Maxine, Sainte Maxine
  • “13 plasticiens a Trelissac,” Trelissac
  •  Centre Culturel de Lormon

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