Pablo Picasso, Portrait de Jacqueline de Face. I, 1961

Artist: Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973
Title: Portrait de Jacqueline de Face. I
Date: 1961
Medium: Linoleum cut printed in colors on Arches paper
Description: A rare impression printed in dark brown over a light brown background with tracing paper on top with remnants of the third state printed in brown ink on the surface of the tracing paper. Picasso expert Brigitte Baer's second state of three. There is also evidence of black ink in the extreme edges of the margins. Picasso may have had Arnéra print in black over the tracing paper first then wipe it clear and had him print again in brown to test the effect, settling in the end for black for the edition. The printer, Hidalgo Arnéra, used to attach a sheet of tracing paper at one edge of an impression and print on it the next state of the block. He could then wipe the ink off the tracing paper and reprint the next state in a different color ink, thus helping Picasso to decide the colors in which to print the edition. From a complete set of working states for this subject, including a final state, signed by the artist. A total of eight impressions that illustrate the creative methodology by which Picasso, with the close involvement of the printer, worked his way in linoleum cut towards a finished image. Printed by Imprimerie Arnéra, Vallauris. Stamped in ink verso, “Imprimerie Arnéra / Non Signé / Archives”.
Reference: Bloch 1064; Baer 1278 II.
Dimensions: 29 3/5 x 24 1/2 in.
Inventory Number: 912804
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