Salvador Dalí, Changes in Great Masterpieces: Vermeer “La lettre”, 1974

Artist: Salvador Dalí, 1904-1989
Title: Changes in Great Masterpieces: Vermeer "La lettre"
Date: 1974
Medium: Color lithograph on paper
Signature: Signed and numbered '68/350' in pencil
Description: From the suite "Changes in Great Masterpieces," comprising six color lithographs by Dalí after original paintings by Raphael, Rembrandt, Velasquez, Vermeer, and Dalí's own masterpiece "Persistence of Memory." Dalí altered each painting with tempera, and the small facsimiles of the original paintings, shown in the bottom section of each piece, challenge the viewer to study and compare the two works. Total tirage of 502 plus proofs. Published by Sidney Lucas, New York. Signed verso by Peter Lucas, 3/1/99.
Reference: Field 74-2 F; Michler & Löpsinger 1475
Dimensions: 35 7/16 x 24 7/8 in.
Inventory Number: 914130
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