Salvador Dalí, Homage to Terpsichore, conceived in 1977, first cast in 1984

Artist: Salvador Dalí, 1904-1989
Title: Homage to Terpsichore
Date: conceived in 1977, first cast in 1984
Medium: Bronze with green and gold patinas
Signature: Inscribed with the artist's signature, edition number and foundry stamp on base
Description: Created using the lost wax process. Perseo, Mendrisio, Switzerland Foundry. Edition size of 350 + 35 EA. Terpsichore is the muse of dance. We see two surrealistic dancers that move in space. The dancer with the smooth classical form represents Grace and the unconscious; the other with a cubist form represents the chaotic rhythm of modern life. Both forms dance side by side in everyone.
Dimensions: 27 1/8 x 18 1/2 x 9 1/2 in.
Inventory Number: 405207
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