Salvador Dalí, Woman Aflame, conceived and first cast in 1980

Artist: Salvador Dalí, 1904-1989
Title: Woman Aflame
Date: conceived and first cast in 1980
Medium: Bronze with green and gold patinas
Signature: Inscribed with the artist's signature, edition number and foundry stamp on base
Description: Created using the lost wax process. Perseo, Mendrisio, Switzerland Foundry. Edition size of 350 + 35 EA. This sculpture unites two of Dalí's most ardent obsessions: fire and the feminine form with drawers. The flames represent the hidden intensity of unconscious desires, while the drawers represent the mystery of hidden secrets. This beautiful faceless woman symbolizes all women. For Dalí, a woman's mystery is her true beauty.
Dimensions: 33 3/8 x 14 1/2 x 9 1/4 in.
Inventory Number: 405211
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