Robert Bane

Art Consultant

310.273.3377 x 117


Robert Bane was born in New York City, New York. After high school, he majored in Photography and art history at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City. His passion for art was obvious since he was a young child and he was always placed in special art classes in grade school and High School. Upon his completion at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan he moved to Woodstock, New York where he started a Jewelry business designing and creating unique one of a kind pieces. In 1978 he moved to Los Angeles where he worked with a prominent fine art publisher there he would quickly earn the title of Director of Sales and Marketing. Five years later he would meet his wife Tamara and decided to start his own company publishing hand signed and numbered limited edition prints and originals of well known and emerging artists selling to art galleries and collectors worldwide. The new venture was a great success and would bring him to Japan where he would do business for the next five years traveling to and from the United States doing significant business in Japan where he sold original and limited edition artwork.

In 1991 Robert’s first son was born and in 1993 his second son was born. Being a father and raising his two sons has always been the most important role of his life.

Over the years he opened 2 beautiful Art Galleries in LA located on Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue. There Robert and his wife hosted and curated over 20 one man and one women exhibitions, plus several important group shows. Robert soon became known as one of the prominent fine art publishers in the United States. Over the years he designed, created and published 7 important table top fine art books, two of which were artist’s retrospectives. His vast experience with all aspects of fine art printing, publishing, marketing, branding, and International sales earned him great respect amongst his peers. Throughout his long career in the art business, he published over 600 different limited edition graphic images and several sculpture editions, including, lithographs, serigraphs, aquatints, giclee’s and bronzes from various international artists.

In 2014 he organized exhibitions for his then exclusive artist and traveled to Beijing, China and Sidney, Australia with the artist to attend very prestigious one man exhibitions. He then spent 10 years traveling from Los Angeles to the United Kingdom twice a year for two weeks at a time where he curated and organized over 175 One Man exhibitions and personally attended every event. He traveled to every major city in the United Kingdom, where he organized very exclusive One Man Exhibitions with the artist in attendance. He collaborated with many international Cruise ships, where his artist’s original and graphic works were exhibited and sold. He traveled around the world on these various Cruise ships with the artist visiting spectacular countries like Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, and the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. This is where he would meet and sell collectors from around the world. His international travels and his significant gallery experience and publishing knowledge would bring him to work with his long time distinguished friend and Art Historian Mr. Michael Schwartz the founder and President of Galerie Michael.