Salvador Dalí, Le Sommeil, circa 1955. Collage of photographic elements with gouache on a photographic base. his original work is executed on a photograph of the painting "Le Sommeil," 1937, with collage elements from another photograph, taken under the direction of Dalí in the studio of the photographer Gjon Milli in New York. The late Robert Descharnes confirmed the authenticity of this work.
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Salvador Dalí 2022

Salvador Dalí was one of the most versatile and prolific artists of the 20th century, mastering the art of painting, sculpture and printmaking, among other mediums. Renowned for his flamboyant personality and mischievous manner, he is also highly recognized for his undeniable technical talent and creativity. A true artistic genius, and the Father of Surrealism.

Dalí had a vast series of seemingly unending bursts of energy and creativity. He was frenetic in all he did, and he sought new areas to conquer each time he looked at anything. Dalí explored themes and imagery that appeal to our sense of wonder, mirroring the unparalleled imagination and allowing our minds to wander beyond focal awareness.

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