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Galerie Michael is a unique fine art gallery located on the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for over thirty years. The gallery’s model is built on posterity rather than prosperity, which means a long term view on working with collectors in “building museum-quality collections, one work at a time.” This model, established by founder Michael Schwartz, has created an unparalleled client base of nearly 7,500 collectors, many of whom have been collecting with Galerie Michael for thirty years.


As the founder of Galerie Michael, Michael Schwartz provides expertise from a lifelong career and love of art. His illustrious career as a fine art dealer spans a period of over thirty-five years. In 1978, he founded Galerie Michael in Los Angeles, a gallery dedicated to exhibiting four centuries of top-quality European art from Rembrandt to Picasso.


Schwartz has an extraordinary eye and an established record of identifying great works and rediscovering historically important artists of previous centuries. His experience has given him a talent for discovering artistic geniuses who had achieved great recognition during their era but for sociological, political or cultural reasons they were lost in time.

Over the past quarter of a century, Schwartz has traveled extensively throughout Europe and other parts of the world developing relationships with some of the world’s most renowned art dealers, scholars, and experts that has allowed him access to some of the world’s great collections. He also works with members of the Cezanne, Pissarro, and Renoir families. All of which has enabled him to acquire the works of great masters, often before they become available on the open market.

According to Michael Schwartz, his personal interest in 17th to 20th Century European art led him to realize the need for an international gallery in Los Angeles. A gallery which would present fine art to the community and provide collectors with an opportunity to study, learn and collect international, quality art at affordable prices.


Schwartz is a former board member of the Graphic Arts Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art plus a founder and member of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and a past member of the President’s Circle at LACMA. He is also a founder of the Music Center in Los Angeles. He worked on the board of the Family Assistance Program and the Rodeo Drive Association Executive Committee. Through his work with charitable organizations, he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Spare Change Project, Family Assistance Program, Beverly Hills Bar Association, Ronald McDonald House, Los Angeles Legal Aid Counsel, Bethune Ballet, Maple Center, Make a Wish Foundation and Natural Disaster Organizations


A Chicago native, Schwartz and his wife Janet have been married and have worked together for 45 years. Together, they have built Galerie Michael into an internationally recognized gallery. With 40 years of experience, Schwartz frequently is called upon for his expertise, lecturing and curatorial skills as well as his ability to authenticate unknown works.

When asked what he enjoys most, Schwartz says, “Candidly, I feel being a good dealer is working for my clients, bringing major works into their collection at minimum prices. I love building museum-quality collections, one fine work at a time.”


As a team, we have worked with collectors in building museum-quality collections, one work at a time, for more than thirty years. We employ a personal art consultant to advise and assist clients with acquisitions. The staff of fine art scholars at Galerie Michael is dedicated to helping others increase their knowledge of fine art and providing an unparalleled client experience.

Robert was born and educated in the south of England graduating from West Sussex College of Art & Design in 1987. At an early age, he had the good fortune to travel throughout Europe with his family and visit many of the finest Museum collections in the world which inspired his career. Art was a passion that evolved into over a year of world travels and numerous priceless experiences including trekking the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal, exploring many of the Architectural treasures of India, Island hopping from Bangkok to Bali and crossing the continent of Australia as part of the “Trans Australian Hot Air Balloon Challenge Team” from Perth to Sydney. Robert settled down in California in 1990 to realize his lifelong dream of being a fine art dealer. He has been collecting art for many years and can’t imagine living in an environment without the inspiration, joy and cerebral enrichment that his own collection gives him. He joined Galerie Michael in 2002 having previously worked as the Director of two other gallery’s in the Los Angeles area. Robert’s cohesive team is dedicated to maximizing the visitor experience. He takes his role as the Director and as an art advisor seriously and has had the privilege of building many first class collections.

Originally from Upstate New York, Richard received an education in Business Administration at RIT and SUNY-Utica, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Marketing and Statistics. Richard has been with Galerie Michael since 1987 and is fluent in several languages including Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. He has cultivated this skill through working with the wide range of clients and diverse visitors of Galerie Michael, as well as traveling extensively to participate in exhibitions in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, and Miami. Richard has been a fine art dealer since 1981 and has several specialties ranging from Original graphics from the impressionists and Toulouse Lautrec through Miro, Picasso, and Matisse. He has also had a very strong connection with the graphics and paintings by Jean François Raffaelli, the much heralded French Impressionist painter. Richard has been married to a wonderful woman from South Korea for many years. His hobbies include putting together live music shows featuring jazz and rock and roll fusion in a large ensemble format.

Lynn left Chicago in 1997 to pursue a career path in Los Angeles working in the field of fine art as an art consultant at Galerie Michael. She is a member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Norton Simon Museum, The Paley Center for Media and the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. Lynn was the Associate Producer for “DIVORCE” the musical in 2009-10. She supports, The Geffen Playhouse, and The Music Center. She is a member of The Beverly Hill’s Women’s Club since 2007. Her favorite Charities are The Children’s Burn Foundation, The California Wildlife Center, Rand Corporation Policy Circle, Da Camera Society and Artistic Soiree. Networking for business and for charitable organizations is her passion. Lynn believes that working in the field of art is a way of life because it brings many rewards and enriches to the soul.

Sean is originally from Northern England, where he spent twelve years of his life before moving to the States. He has now lived in California most of his life, between San Diego and Los Angeles. Sean’s foray into the arts was originally in theatre and film. He trained under the infamous Stella Adler and then went on to work in the industry for a steady ten years, with his most notable film role in James Cameron’s Titanic. He once toured the U.S. for 18 months through 48 cities with a Tony award winning Broadway comedy. It gave him the opportunity to spend a lot of time in America’s finest museums, with the Chicago Art Institute being his favorite. He recalls going to the museum five times during a month’s stay in Chicago, while playing the Shubert. Sean later spent a summer in Paris and traversed the finest museums which further honed his appreciation. “The artwork by the masters had a profound effect on me. Great art is great storytelling and I discovered strong parallels to the theatre.” For the past sixteen years Sean has worked in the art business. Before joining Galerie Michael he worked at a gallery in Hollywood, under the helm of a top art publisher. He developed the careers of some very prominent artists. Sean later went on to form an art publishing company with his wife Meredith and placed artists in galleries throughout the U.S. and the United Kingdom. He has participated numerous times at prestigious art fairs including Art Expo New York and Art Miami. Sean particularly loves the mystery and ambiguity of the surrealists. His favorite artist is Renee Magritte. At Galerie Michael he has chosen to specialize in the works of Salvador Dali. Sean loves to spend time traveling with his wife and five year old daughter Chloe. He practices power yoga 4-5 times a week and meditates daily. Creatively, Sean loves to write plays and screenplays and keeps the inspiration flowing, by attending lots of theatre and maintaining a healthy dose TV watching.

Robert Bane was born in New York City, New York. After high school, he majored in Photography and art history at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City. His passion for art was obvious since he was a young child and he was always placed in special art classes in grade school and High School. Upon his completion at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan he moved to Woodstock, New York where he started a Jewelry business designing and creating unique one of a kind pieces. In 1978 he moved to Los Angeles where he worked with a prominent fine art publisher there he would quickly earn the title of Director of Sales and Marketing. Five years later he would meet his wife Tamara and decided to start his own company publishing hand signed and numbered limited edition prints and originals of well known and emerging artists selling to art galleries and collectors worldwide. The new venture was a great success and would bring him to Japan where he would do business for the next five years traveling to and from the United States doing significant business in Japan where he sold original and limited edition artwork. In 1991 his first son was born and in 1993 his second son was born. Being a father and raising his 2 sons has always been the most important role of his life. Over the years he opened 2 beautiful Art Galleries in Los Angeles located on Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue. There Robert and his wife hosted and curated over 20 one man and one women exhibitions, plus several important group shows. Robert soon became known as one of the prominent fine art publishers in the United States.  Over the years he designed, created and published 7 important table top fine art books, two of which were artist’s retrospectives. His vast experience with all aspects of fine art printing, publishing, marketing, branding, and International sales earned him great respect amongst his peers. Throughout his long career in the art business, he published over 600 different limited edition graphic images and several sculpture editions, including, lithographs, serigraphs, aquatints, giclee’s and bronzes from various international artists. In 2014 he organized exhibitions for his then exclusive artist and traveled to Beijing, China and Sidney, Australia with the artist to attend very prestigious one man exhibitions. He then spent 10 years traveling from Los Angeles to the United Kingdom twice a year for two weeks at a time where he curated and organized over 175 One Man exhibitions and personally attended every event. He traveled to every major city in the United Kingdom, where he organized very exclusive One Man Exhibitions with the artist in attendance. He collaborated with many international Cruise ships, where his artist’s original and graphic works were exhibited and sold. He traveled around the world on these various Cruise ships with the artist visiting spectacular countries like Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, and the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. This is where he would meet and sell collectors from around the world. His international travels and his significant gallery experience and publishing knowledge would bring him to work with his long time distinguished friend and Art Historian Mr. Michael Schwartz the founder and President of Galerie Michael.


One important aspect of Galerie Michael’s ongoing success is that customers are treated as business partners with full access to Galerie Michael’s planning, market expertise, curatorial knowledge, and staff of fine art scholars. Collections built focus on artwork in the upper 25% of the artists’ oeuvre—their lifetime of works—emphasizing rarity, historic importance, ground-breaking innovations, demand, ultimate sellability, potential appreciation and artistic insight. All collections are cataloged by the gallery’s in-house curatorial department and come with a Galerie Michael Certificate of Authenticity.

The gallery is known internationally for its leading edge in 17th to 20th Century masterworks, mounting over eighteen annual exhibitions. Exhibits are accompanied by catalogues with essays written by scholars and critics who support the gallery’s philosophy of acquiring fine art through ongoing education.


The process of acquiring our masterworks begins with an inbound lead or outbound request. Often, our founder, Michael Schwartz, will get notified of a new masterwork that is available. We have a large network of master artist families, dealers, and auction houses that alert us to incredible new pieces. Our Director of Acquisition is also constantly flagging catalogues and alerts that come through from dealers, worldwide. After purchasing a new piece, we perform two to three weeks of research via museums and catalogues to ensure we have every available detail about this work and the works to which it compares.


Our relationship with professional fine art restoration companies allows us to look at every detail of a new painting and assess imperfections. We use ultraviolet light and magnifying tools to ensure the original quality of the painting is still intact. By the time the painting enters our exhibit rooms, we know it’s of the utmost quality.


Looking at the initial selection of acquired works, our expert curatorial team will narrow pieces down based upon a common theme. Michael personally chooses gold leaf frames for each painting, drawing, or print that enters the gallery, as we believe the frame should complement the piece. We have worked with the same fine art framers for decades and our founder has an expert eye in matching masterworks with the frames that fit.


By the time a piece of art is exhibited in our gallery, our consultants know every detail about what makes it special. If you’re interested in a piece, your first step will be to make an appointment. Joining us in our gallery, your consultant will educate you on the artist and the significance of their work. We’ll also walk through published catalogue text on this particular piece. You may view the piece in a private staging room so that you can get a good sense of the work and how it will look in your home. Your consultant is there to answer questions and concerns and discuss price at any point. If you’re not able to see the painting on site, we can also provide you with presentations and catalogues digitally. Above all, our team is dedicated to maximizing the client experience.


In addition to helping you attain masterworks and build museum-quality collections, Galerie Michael offers complimentary certified appraisals for insurance, estate, donation, and tax purposes. When purchasing a piece through our gallery, you also get custom museum-quality framing, professional packaging, and worldwide shipping. Customers receive a two-year exchange privilege on all works purchased from the gallery.

  • Personal art consultant to advise and assist clients with acquisitions
  • Certification of Authenticity
  • Complementary certified appraisals for insurance, estate, donation or tax purposes
  • Curatorial research
  • Complete painting and paper conservation
  • Custom museum-quality framing
  • Professional packaging and world-wide shipping
  • Search worldwide to find specific works
  • Intimate relationships with Master Artists Families
  • VIP entrance and private viewings


The complete Villarino Rembrandt Collection that is now touring major museums, was bought in its entirety from Galerie Michael over the last 12 years. The quality, experience and knowledge of the owner and staff is beyond reproach. Verifiable proof and “Honesty is their message and their contacts for the hard to find pieces are extensive. It is a pleasure working with them. Thank You.

Mr. John Villarino
Film Construction coordinator and Rembrandt Collector
Los Angeles, CA

Eight years ago, when I first walked into Galerie Michael, it was not with the idea that I would be building a world-class art collection with special focus on Picasso prints. I thought the difficulty of obtaining verifiable authenticated workd and the experience that would be necessary as to what to buy would make it a very daunting task. But with the assistance of Galerie Michael, all of my concerns were put to rest. Knowledge, honesty, trust, integrity is what I required when working with a gallery, and that is exactly what I got with Galerie Michael. I could not be more happy and satisfied during the years of working with them. Now, I have a world-class exhibition that will soon travel to the different museums around the United Stated as well as Europe thanks to Galerie Michael.

Dr. Timothy Collins
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Picasso Collector
Los Angeles, CA

While not necessarily art connoisseurs, my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Galerie Michael family for the past eight years. We have been introduced to many new friends and have had many unique and exciting experiences, as we have at the same time been assisted in the building of our collection. Like buying fine wine, Michael, Lynn, Richard and the others at Galerie Michael have helped us find pieces of art that speak directly to us and that add beauty and joy to our home.

Mark Olson
President and Renoir Collector


The Gallery hosts tours and lectures at worldwide museums as well as in Los Angeles. Gallery staff and clients have taken tours to the town of Barbizon, the birthplace of Plein-Aire painting, and given lectures at the Musée de l’École de Barbizon in France. Closer to home, the gallery has arranged and conducted tours and lectures at LACMA, The J. Paul Getty Museum and The Norton Simon Museum.

Galerie Michael creates fine art collections for exhibit on the museum circuit. Through scholarly catalogues and museum affiliations, these collections have been on exhibition in the US as well as Europe. They follow a formula that increases the value of the collection as a whole; creates prestige for the owners of the collection and brings historic insights to the public. These collections create a revenue stream and fine art exposure for the museums and the gallery benefits by international branding associated with the collections.

With a long-term commitment to collector ethics, access to fine art, education and art collecting along with a prestigious membership in the Fine Art Dealers Association (FADA), Galerie Michael has established itself as one of the most highly regarded, successful galleries in the United States and worldwide.


Galerie Michael has built and established long term relationships with the families of the impressionist masters, Renoir, Cézanne and Pissarro. Along with members of the Picasso family and their representatives, the Mourlot family and Picasso expert Brigitte Baer. The gallery has established strong relationships with the printers of the Modern Masters, Picasso, Chagall and Miró.

Renowned scholars such as Gary Schwartz, Rembrandt author and authority, Dr. Petra Chu, Gabriel Weisberg, and Alexandra Murphy, leading 19th century Plien Aire authors and scholars have published and lectured throughout the years. Contributing to the Galerie Michael commitment to inform and educate clients in the history and acquisition of fine art.